Chiropractic Services

Need a chiropractor in Melbourne? Here at Melbourne Road Health, we offer chiropractic services that aim to address a lot of pain and alignment issues that most of our patients’ experience. Our first priority is to alleviate spinal and peripheral joint pain so that our patients enjoy a better quality of life.

Chiropractic practice is a natural approach to healing which recognises that good spinal care is an important step towards whole-body health. A chiropractor in Melbourne may use a range of techniques, including adjustments and soft tissue work, to treat an individual’s whole skeleton and alleviate discomfort. He or she will also develop plans for maintaining ongoing health.

Chiropractic Experts at Your Service

The chiropractors at Melbourne Road Health are well-trained professionals who are dedicated to helping each and every patient reach the level of wellness that they desire. They assess, plan, and create a treatment plan that addresses issues that are specific to the patient’s needs. This way, patients can experience chiropractic treatment that’s highly effective and efficient.

Our chiropractic team takes a results-orientated approach to treat chiropractic issues, most often in a non-invasive and non-surgical approach. We also offer a full breadth of services and complementary treatments such as massage therapy, dry needling, and active release techniques.

Our philosophy of encouraging a systematic approach to long-term healing means our patients have the tools they need to maintain better physical health – and not just get a “quick fix”.

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Dr Annabel Hunt

Doctor of Chiropractic, D.C.(A.E.C.C.), Post Grad Dip Paed (Chiro) (RMIT), member of COCA.

Dr Hunt graduated in the UK at the A.E.C.C., Bournemouth in 1990.

She has worked as a chiropractor in many practices throughout the South of England and in Melbourne’s West over the last 26 years.

Annabel completed her Post Graduate Diploma in Chiropractic Paediatrics at RMIT in 2004. She has a particular interest in family health and wellbeing with a focus on babies, children, teenagers and pregnant mothers.

Annabel utilizes the techniques of Diversified technique, Activator, SOT Blocking, Cranial techniques, Drop Piece adjusting, Dry Needling and many different soft tissue techniques to enhance the biomechanics of the spine and extremities of the body.

Chiropractor in Melbourne Annabel Hunt

Dr Colin Budich

BSc Chiro (RMIT), Member of COCA.

Colin graduated from RMIT in 1986 and has worked in 4 different states of Australia, as well as in the UK.

As well as dealing with the usual spinal problems relating to the lower back, neck, thoracic pain and headaches, Colin has a special interest in peripheral joint issues with the ankle, knee, hip, wrist, elbow and shoulder.

He is very experienced in the use of SOT blocking, Cranial and Activator techniques as well as Gonstead, Diversified and Drop Piece adjusting.

Colin is also proficient in the use of Active Release Technique and dry needling, and is qualified to make Custom Foot Orthotics.

Chiropractor in Melbourne Colin Budich

Dr Greg Hines

Greg has been practising since 2000 in clinics around Australia. He has helped everyone from elite athletes through to the weekend warrior.

Since returning to Melbourne he has been working with Anna and Colin in a family practice in Spotswood. Greg aims to help people get back to their regular life pain free and full of vim and vigour.

He uses a variety of techniques and will customise these to suit the person coming in and the issue they are addressing. Techniques he utilises may include taping, exercise therapy, dry needling, mobilisation and stretching.

Greg is well versed in all musculo-skeletal and nerve problems and may surprise you with his ability to succinctly and easily explain complex problems and how to resolve them.

Dr Greg Hines

Dr Stephanie Hallak

Stephanie is the newest member in our team of Chiropractors. She graduated from RMIT with Bachelor of Health Science and BAppSc (Chiropractic). She has grown up in the Western Suburbs and has a good understanding of the Greek language.

Her clinical experience has included treating a range of patients of various ages for chronic pain, acute injuries and spinal wellness.

Stephanie's passion for Chiropractic and well-being has motivated her to volunteer her time in community clinics both in Australia and overseas. In her practice, each patient is individualised, tailoring her treatment by using a number of techniques, including Diversified, Drop-Piece adjusting, Activator, Soft Tissue techniques, Dry Needling, Cupping therapy, Stretching and Mobilisation techniques, and FNOR qualified Rehabilitation. Stephanie's goal is to relieve her patients of pain, helping them achieve optimal function and improve quality of life.

Chiropractors Stephanie Hallak

Get the Wellness That You Deserve

Regain your health from head to toe with the help of a chiropractor at Melbourne Road Health. We are committed to helping you regain the level of health and wellness that you need through quality chiropractic services, massage therapy, and more.